researchers with tree saplings


Research in forest biology and ecology in the SFWS is diverse and addresses many of today’s most critical issues including global climate change, carbon sequestration, forest health, urban sprawl, water availability, air pollution, biodiversity and many others. Studies are often performed in collaboration with other disciplines such as wildlife biology and socioeconomics as well as with other universities and federal agencies.

mushrooms growing on fallen tree

Biology & Ecology

SFWS research in forest biology and ecology is diverse and seeks to address many of today’s most critical issues facing our world, including global climate change, water availability, air pollution, and many others.

tractor moving harvested timber

Policy & Economics

We are actively involved in the examination of economic and social issues, practices, and policy related to forest management in the Southeastern United States and around the globe.

tree nursery, rows of sapplings

Management & Operations

We improve forestry practices and develop technologies to increase the efficiencies of forest operations and logistics toward the sustainable use and management of natural resources.

researchers in the lab shown with cellulose biomaterials

Biomaterials & Products

Our research in sustainable biomaterials and wood products is concentrated on science, technology and engineering that will improve the effective utilization of forest resources.