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Online Professional Graduate Certificates

Auburn University online graduate certificate programs can allow further specialization or contribute towards the advancement of one’s career. Rather than enrolling in a second degree program, professionals may opt to pursue a graduate certificate or decide to eventually apply the course credit to a graduate degree.

Earning a graduate certificate often takes less time and is more affordable than traditional graduate programs.  And because classes are online, students can complete courses at a time that is convenient for them, allowing time in their busy schedules for work, family and other priorities that are important to non-traditional students and working professionals.

We currently offer graduate certificate programs in Restoration Ecology and Forest Finance and Investment.

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Restoration Ecology

Whether you work in the area of natural resource management, forest and wildlife management, restoration ecology, environmental sciences and consulting, fire ecology, or environmental education a graduate certificate in Restoration Ecology from Auburn University can complement your professional skills or position you to transition to other opportunities, including graduate school.

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Forest Finance & Investment

The Forest Finance and Investment online graduate certificate program prepares professionals with the ability to understand and assimilate complex environmental and societal change within their financial and operational decision-making to best manage and leverage forest assets to become more competitive in the job market or operate their businesses more successfully.