Nicole Angeli

Postdoctoral Fellow, Wildlife Sciences

Office: 3205

Angeli uses biological, stakeholder, and monitoring information to create population models that inform management and support policy for endangered and threatened species.

Yusuf Celikbag

Postdoctoral Fellow, Forest Biomaterials

Office: FPDC

Celikbag explores hydrothermal liquefaction of lignocellulosic biomass for the sustainable production of bio-based polyols, and develops hydrophobic self-curing bio-based adhesives for the wood products industry.

Guangsheng Chen

Research Fellow III, GIS and Remote Sensing

Office: 4333

Chen assesses the effects of multiple environmental forces, land management, and disturbances on carbon, water, and nitrogen fluxes and storage through integrating the modeling, remote sensing and geospatial analysis approaches.

Qingzheng (George) Cheng

Research Fellow IV, Nanocellulose and Sustainable Biomaterials

Office: FPL

Cheng manages labs, graduate students and research scholars; teaches undergraduate classes; and conducts research on wood and lumber quality, and biomaterials (OSB, CLT, micro/nanocellulose).

John Gilbert

Advisor Natural Resources III, Asst. Director, SDFEC

Office: 3418

Gilbert assists in all levels of forest management of the Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center, including the management of its 5,350 acres, the center's GIS system, and the facilitation of activities and instruction for user groups.

Sabahattin Isik

Research Associate II, Hydrology

Office: 4321

Isik collects, synthesizes, and analyzes environmental, meteorological, soil, and water data to test new modules of the Wetland Water Quality model (WetQual) beside maintaining the development of the WetQual.

Brian Klingbeil

Postdoctoral Fellow, Wildlife Sciences

Office: 3221

Klingbeil studies how environmental changes (energy availability, land use, and climate) influence biodiversity of North American birds to develop predictive models that can inform conservation decisions.

John Kush

Research Fellow IV, Ecology

Office: 3431

Kush performs research related to forest stand dynamics, fire ecology, and restoration ecology; teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in these subject areas; and is an affiliate faculty with the Office of University Writing.

George Matusick

Research Fellow IV, Forestry

Office: 4302

Matusick provides research and ecological monitoring support to the Natural Resources Management Branch at Fort Benning to ensure the sustainable management and restoration of military training lands.

Luis Mendez

Research Assistant I, Plant Pathology


Mendez will be managing Dr. Eckhardt's lab, and he will be using his knowledge of plant pathology to help graduate students with their projects.

Emily Merritt

Research Associate II, Wildlife Sciences

Office: 3233

Merritt is currently serving as a manager, field researcher, and outreach coordinator for a project on ticks and tick-borne illnesses in Alabama.

Carolyn Moore

Research Assistant II, Wildlife Sciences

Office: 3236E

Moore is currently working as the project coordinator for the Alabama Eastern Wild Turkey Research Project.

Chad Newbolt

Research Associate III, Wildlife Sciences

Office: 3417

Newbolt manages research operations at the Deer Research Laboratory facility in Camp Hill, Ala., and assists graduate students with current projects. His primary research interests include ungulate reproductive ecology and wildlife census methods.

Nina Payne

Research Assistant IV, Forestry

Office: PLB

Payne plans and conducts field research and disseminates information related to herbicide use, weed control and other production issues in bareroot and container nurseries for the Southern Forest Nursery Management Cooperative.

Efrem Robbins

Research Assistant III, Forestry

Office: AT DEP

Robbins manages the Atmospheric Deposition Research Site (ATDEP), maintains and operates analytical instruments and research equipment, monitors experiments, advises and directs collection of data.

Nancy Sandoval

Research Assistant I, Wildlife Sciences


Sandoval collects data for wild pig research on Lowndes Wildlife Management Area via game cameras and GPS/VHF collars and traps, handles, and processes pigs during collar deployment and removal sessions.

Rajesh Sawant

Research Associate II, GIS and Remote Sensing

Office: 4427

Sawant plans and coordinates activities and operations of the GIS and Remote Sensing applications, spatial data development and maintenance for the Center for Environmental Studies at the Urban-Rural Interface.

Rich Stanton

Postdoctoral Fellow

Office: 3203

Tom Stokes

Research Associate III, Forestry

Office: 4345

Stokes develops research protocols, conducts field research and disseminates research results on water and carbon relations, environmental and silvicultural influences on physiological response, and physiological mechanisms controlling productivity in forest trees.

Brian Williams

Research Associate II, Wildlife Sciences

Office: 3417

Williams oversees a research project focused on the habits, impacts, and management of wild pigs on Lowndes Wildlife Management Area.

Miriam Wyman

Instructor, Natural Resources

Office: 3207

Wyman teaches courses within the human dimensions of natural resources field on topics that include conservation social science, environmental education, environmental interpretation, ecotourism, and conflict and collaboration in natural resource management.

Jia Yang

Research Fellow II, Ecosystem Modeling, GIS and Remote Sensing

Office: 3429

Yang investigates the dynamics of ecosystem structure and functioning in context of environmental changes (such as climate change, rising CO2 concentration, and land cover change) by using ecosystem modeling, spatial analysis and remote sensing.

Bowen Zhang

Postdoctoral Fellow, Climate Science

Office: 4419

Bowen uses a combination of process-based models, geospatial analysis and remote sensing technology to understand the biogeochemical and hydrological cycle within the terrestrial ecosystem, and the exchange of greenhouse gases across the land-atmosphere interface and riverine fluxes across land-ocean interface.