Yusuf Celikbag

Postdoctoral Fellow, Forest Biomaterials

Office: FPDC

Celikbag explores hydrothermal liquefaction of lignocellulosic biomass for the sustainable production of bio-based polyols, and develops hydrophobic self-curing bio-based adhesives for the wood products industry.

Guangsheng Chen

Research Fellow III, GIS and Remote Sensing

Office: 4333

Chen assesses the effects of multiple environmental forces, land management, and disturbances on carbon, water, and nitrogen fluxes and storage through integrating the modeling, remote sensing and geospatial analysis approaches.

Qingzheng (George) Cheng

Research Fellow IV, Nanocellulose and Sustainable Biomaterials

Office: FPL

Cheng manages labs, graduate students and research scholars; teaches undergraduate classes; and conducts research on wood and lumber quality, and biomaterials (OSB, CLT, micro/nanocellulose).