Table is not inclusive of all active SFWS research projects, but is representative of those which received private or extramural funding within the past year.

Alavalapati, JanakiPIIntegrating natural capital into system of national accounts: A case study of forestry and wetland landscapes in RwandaNature Conservancy
Alavalapati, JanakiPIU.S.-India consortium for development of sustainable advanced lignocellulosic biofuel systems projectVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Anderson, ChristopherPIEvaluating the influence of forest land use on watershed drainage density in the Northern Lakes & forest ecoregion of Northern MichiganHuron Mountain Wildlife Foundation
Anderson, ChristopherPIUsing fire to control Chinese privet in bottomland forestsEBSCO
Armstrong, James; Barlow, Rebecca; Kush, JohnPI/COPIAnalysis of hunting survey dataADCNR-Alabama Dept. of Conservation - Game and Fish Division
Barlow, Rebecca PIBringing home the bacon: Assessing the economic impacts of feral swine damage to Alabama's private forest landsAlabama Forests Forever Foundation
Barlow, Rebecca PIExamining the impacts of applying either primary clarifier solids or combined primary clarifier and secondary clarifier solids to young pine plantations in South AlabamaGeorgia Pacific Corporation
Barlow, Rebecca PISilvopasture demonstration on E.V. Smith Research CenterUSDA - NRCS - Natural Resources Conservation Service
Chappelka, Arthur PIUrban Forestry: I-Tree Eco Development ProjectUSDA - Forest Service
Ditchkoff, Stephen PIExperimental studies involving a captive white-tailed deer herd in Bullock County, ALThree Notch Wildlife Research Foundation
Ditchkoff, Stephen; Gitzen, Lockaby, Loewenstein, Smith, SteuryPI/COPIImpact of wild pigs in gray squirrels, nutrient cycling, and water quality on Lowndes WMAADCNR-Alabama Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources
Eckhardt, LoriPIForest Health Cooperative USDA - Forest Service, Weyerhaeuser Co, et al.
Eckhardt, Lori; Enebak, ScottPISeedling production and forest health in the Southeastern United StatesNSF-National Science Foundation
Eckhardt, Lori; Enebak, ScottPI/COPISudden oak death (Phytophthora ramorum) Detection survey (stream sampling)USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station
Enebak, Scott PISouthern Forest Nursery Management CooperativeAmerican Chestnut Foundation, Arborgen, Inc.
Gallagher, Thomas PISALHI conference logistical supportUSDA - Forest Service
Gallagher, Thomas; Smidt, Mathew PI/COPIFactors affecting fiber delivery time from the stump to the mill and returnWood Supply Research Institute (WSRI)
Gallagher, Thomas; Via, BrianPI/COPINext generation logistics systems for delivering optimal biomass feedstocks to biorefining industries in the Southeastern United StatesUniversity of Tennessee
Gilbert, JohnCOPILongleaf Pine mapping effort and stand level databaseLongleaf Alliance, Inc.
Gitzen, Robert PICESU: Analysis of southwest network cooperative landbird data and workshop on use of general linear models to analyze monitoring dataUSDI - National Park Service
Gitzen, Robert PISmall mammal population responses to flea-reduction treatments in Prairie Dog towns at Wind Cave NP thru the CESUUSDI - National Park Service
Gitzen, Robert A.PIUsing an ecosystem engineer to restore functionality of natural pinelands in the Southeastern United StatesADCNR-Alabama Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources
Grand, James PIDemography of eastern wild turkeys in AlabamaADCNR-Alabama Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources
Grand, James PIEffect of observational uncertainty on spectacled eider listingUSDI - U.S. Geological Survey
Kalin, LatifPIWA 4-57, Wetland hydrology and nutrient modelingPegasus Technical Services, Inc.
Kush, John PISeed grant to establish educational opportunities in the campus forestEdward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM)
Lepczyk, ChristopherPIPotential and realized avian diversityUSDA - Forest Service
Lockaby, B. Graeme; Merritt, EmilyPI/COPIEffects of forest fragmentation on distribution of ticks and tick-borne illnesses in AlabamaUSDA Forest Service Southern Research Station
McGowan, Conor PISouthwestern species status assessment for candidate species under the Endangered Species ActUSDI - U.S. Geological Survey
Morse, WaydePIAL Anglers: Specialization, motivations, satisfaction & management preferences for state lakesADCNR-Alabama Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources
Morse, Wayde COPIEngaging communities to reduce & prevent obesity in high-obesity Alabama countiesDHHS-PHS-Center for Disease Control & Prevention
Morse, Wayde; Lepczyk, ChristopherPI/COPIHuman dimensions of Whooping Crane conservation in North AlabamaADCNR-Alabama Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources
Samuelson, Lisa PIAssessing the role of density management in increasing drought resilience of longleaf pine ecosystemsNature Conservancy
Samuelson, Lisa PIEcological forest monitoring on Fort BenningDOD - US Army
Shepard, JamesPICESU Cooperative & JV between USDOI FWS - Gulf Coast Cooperative Ecosystem Studies UnitUSDI - FWS - US Dept of the Interior - Fish & Wildlife Service
Smidt, Mathew COPICharacterizing exposures to physical risk factors among reforestation hand plantersUniversity of Kentucky Research Foundation
Smidt, Mathew PIUse of large capacity site preparation machines for fireline establishmentUSDA - Forest Service
Smith, Mark PIPA between USDA Forest Service and Auburn UniversityUSDA - Forest Service
Steury, Todd PIComprehensive examination of black bear ecology and management in AlabamaADCNR-Alabama Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources
Tian, HanqinPIAn integrated terrestrial-coastal ocean observation and modeling framework for carbon management decision supportUniversity of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
Tian, HanqinPILand cover & land use changers & their effect on carbon dynamics in South & South East Asia: A synthesis studyUniversity of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
Tian, HanqinPISynergistic impacts of population growth, urbanization, and climate change on watersheds and coastal ecology of the northeastern United StatesPennsylvania State University
Via, Brian PIApplications of soy protein in oriented strand boardSmithBucklin Corporation
Via, Brian PISoy protein applications in oriented strand board and/or new applicationsSmithBucklin Corporation
Via, Brian PINew systems for delivery biomass feedstocksNIFA
Zhang, DaoweiPIForest ownership dynamics across the United States: Patterns, Drivers, and ImplicationsUSDA Forest Service Southern Research Station
Zhang, DaoweiPIInstitutional timberland ownerships in the United States: History, management,and futureBradley/Murphy Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Trust
Zhang, DaoweiPIThe U.S. trade surplus in forest products and the effect of Lacey Act Amendment of 2008USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station