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Clubs and Organizations

Archery Club

The Archery Club is open to all Auburn University undergraduate and graduate students. Archery experience is not required, as current members include beginners, experienced target archers, and bow hunters. Equipment is available for members who either do not have their own or do not have it on campus. Meetings occur bi-weekly, are typically held at a local archery range, and center around target shooting and fellowship with other archery enthusiasts from all backgrounds.

To learn more about the Archery Club and their activities contact the SFWS faculty advisor, Dr. Will Gulsby, at

Auburn Forestry Club

The Auburn University student chapter of the Society of American Foresters welcomes freshmen and sophomores who are enrolled in pre-forestry or wildlife to join its club. Meetings are held at least once per month during the regular school year. The Forestry Club engages students through the organization and participation in chapter fundraisers, professional development and volunteer opportunities, and the annual Southern Forestry Conclave, an annual competition of 15 southern forestry schools which compete in a variety of physical and technical events.

To learn more about the Auburn Forestry Club, contact the club’s faculty advisor, Dr. Tom Gallagher, at

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers of Auburn University

The purpose of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers of Auburn University is to promote engagement in and around: backcountry hunting and angling, the conservation of wilderness, backcountry, and public lands, the protection of fish and wildlife that relies on clean water and wilderness, and the public’s access to these recreational opportunities. The club serves to create a community of students, faculty, and staff and providing an environment conducive for both the veteran and novice backcountry hunter and angler alike to learn and participate in Backcountry Hunters & Anglers of Auburn University events, fundraisers and meetings.

To learn more about Backcountry Hunters & Anglers of Auburn University, contact the club’s faculty advisor, Dr. Kelly Dunning, at

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS)

The national society aims to promote academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences. MANRRS welcomes membership of people of all racial and ethnic group participation in agricultural and related science careers. However, MANRRS attempts to provide networks to support professional development of minorities.

To learn more about MANRRS and their activities, visit the organization’s website at or contact the SFWS faculty advisor, Michelle Cole, at

Phi Kappa Phi – Auburn Honors Society

The mission of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is “To recognize and promote academic excellence in all fields of higher education and to engage the community of scholars in service to others.” The chapter invites juniors and seniors to be part of the society based upon GPA and number of credits completed. Dr. Jodie Kenney serves as the Auburn Honors Society committee representative on behalf of the SFWS.

Any questions about the society can be directed to Dr. Kenney at

Society for Natural Resources

The society provides experiential learning and professional development opportunities for SFWS natural resources management students and others who are interested in natural resources-based issues and career fields. The society schedules regular meetings where students are invited to hear presentations and network with natural resources professionals. They also organize field trips and other events for members.

To learn more about the Society for Natural Resources and their activities, contact the SFWS faculty advisor, Dr. Chris Anderson, at

SFWS Graduate Student Association

The purpose of the SFWS Graduate Student Association is to improve the quality of education, work, and life for graduate students and post-docs within SFWS through social, academic, and professional activities and opportunities.

To learn more about the SFWS Graduate Student Association and their activities, contact the SFWS faculty advisor, Dr. Graeme Lockaby, at

SFWS Student Ambassadors

Auburn University Student Ambassadors help prepare for and host various school events and activities throughout the year. Due to the public nature of their activities, Student Ambassadors become the “Face of the SFWS,” which offers them abundant opportunities for professional development and networking with distinguished alumni and donors, professionals within their respective fields, as well as faculty and administrators.

To learn more about the SFWS Student Ambassadors, contact our student advisor, Wendy Franklin, at

SFWS Student Government Association (SGA)

The purpose of the club is to coordinate, stimulate, and govern student activities in Auburn University’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. The SGA represents the Auburn student body to the university administration and within the community. It seeks to advocate for the interests of Auburn students and works to better the student experience through community events and initiatives.

To learn more about the Auburn University SGA, visit To learn more about the SFWS SGA, contact the organization’s faculty advisor, Dr. Jodie Kenney, at

Wildland Fire Club at Auburn University

The Wildland Fire Club is a student led organization dedicated to the education, certification, and safety of students passionate about wildland fire. Through its partnership with state and federal agencies, the club hopes to provide students with the opportunity to pursue and acquire the FireFighter Type 2 certification as well as participate in prescribed burns on state and federal lands.

To learn more about the Willand Fire Club at Auburn University, visit To learn more, contact the organization’s faculty advisor, Dr. Becky Barlow, at

The Wildlife Society, Auburn University Student Chapter

The Wildlife Society is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering professional development and providing hands-on experiences for those pursuing wildlife degrees. This club meets monthly and regularly schedules outings, professional development experiences, and other activities for students to network and build their field skills.

To learn more about The Wildlife Society Student Chapter, contact faculty advisor, Dr. Mark Smith, at

Xi Sigma Pi – Forestry Honor Society

The objectives of Xi Sigma Pi, as stated in the constitution, are to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in forestry education, to promote forestry and fraternal relations among earnest workers engaged in forestry activities.

To learn more about the Xi Sigma Pi, contact faculty advisor, Dr. Becky Barlow, at