Below is a list of SFWS Undergraduate Awards and Scholarships, with information about the person, family, or institution that has made the award or scholarship possible. Awards are given annually and designated by the faculty-led SFWS Awards Committee. Scholarship funds are allocated to students through Auburn University’s admissions process. Complete information and eligibility will be available along with the application through AUSOM.

African American Alumni Endowed Scholarship

This endowment was established in 2015 by African American alumni of the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences and funded by alumni, partners, and friends.  The purpose is to increase student diversity at Auburn University and in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.  May there be many more that follow in the footsteps of the first African American graduate of the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Mr. Ernest Boyd, ‘1976.

Alabama Association of Conservation Districts Auxiliary Endowed Scholarship

This endowment was established in 2007 by the Alabama Association of Conservation Districts Auxiliary for the purpose of providing scholarships for students in the College of Agriculture, the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, and Agricultural Science Education. The Alabama Association of Conservation Districts, organized in August 1943, is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization of the 67 Soil and Water Conservation Districts in Alabama. The Association serves as a vehicle for unified action by districts, exchange of information and discussion of issues.

Rose Eugene Atchison Endowed Scholarship in Forestry               

Sue Pearson has invested in the future of forestry in Alabama by establishing an endowed scholarship in the School of Forestry in honor of her father, Rose Eugene Atchison. Atchison was born in 1886, the oldest of eight children. He worked for Paul Mercer Barnett’s Lumber Company before establishing his own lumber company. He was a successful businessman, and by the time of his death in 1974, he had acquired a large holding of real estate and land. Pearson said that her father always wished that he could have attended Auburn. Rose Atchison may not have been able to attend Auburn, but now because of his hard work and his daughter’s generosity, someone else can.

Elizabeth Powers and John Coleman Banks Endowed Scholarship in Forestry

In 1998, “Bibbie” Banks of Eutaw, Ala., created the Banks scholarship in both her and her late husband’s names. John Coleman Banks graduated from the College of Agriculture at API in 1922 before a forestry program was offered. Bibbie commented that if her husband loved her half as much as he loved Auburn, they would do just fine.

Norman Buce Bearden Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Forestry and Wildlife

This memorial scholarship was established in 1990 by the family of Norman Buce Bearden to honor his life. Bearden, a 1988 wildlife graduate, was born in 1960 in Mobile, Ala. He was an active member of the Alabama Wildlife Federation and the Baldwin County Wildlife Federation. Bearden also was an avid outdoorsman and had a deep interest in preserving wildlife resources for the enjoyment of all.

Billy C. Bond Endowed Scholarship in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

This permanent endowment was established by Billy C. Bond for the purpose of providing scholarships for students in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.   He began his career in 1957 as a forester with Kimberly-Clark at its Coosa River Newsprint Company subsidiary.  In 1965 he joined Hammermill Paper Company at the outset of the company’s pulp and paper venture in Selma, Alabama and remained with the company 21 years.  . He was also President of the Allegheny Railroad, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hammermill. In 1986 Hammermill merged with International Paper Company, and Mr. Bond was assigned as the Regional Manager of Logging and Fiber.  From 1987-1990 he served as the President of Harrigan Lumber Company in Monroeville, Alabama. In 1990 Bond accepted the position of president of Alabama River Woodlands Inc.   Mr. Bond retired in 2000 as President of Alabama River Woodlands, Inc. and Vice President of Alabama River Chip Mill, Inc. During his career he served as President of the Alabama Forestry Association, Vice Chairman and Director of The American Pulpwood Association, President of the Southern Forest Institute and a Director of the Forest Landowner’s Association.   Active in professional affairs, he served as Chairman of the Alabama Division of the Society of American Foresters and also Chairman of the Southeastern Section.   He was inducted into the Alabama Foresters Hall of Fame in 1998.   He received the Golden Membership Award for fifty years of membership in the Society of American Foresters in 2007. Mr. Bond served on the Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences Advisory Council for many years and is invested in the future of Forestry. Auburn University is a strong family tradition, and both of their children and their spouses are Auburn graduates. To be eligible for consideration for this scholarship a student must be a junior or senior enrolled in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, and must be declared as a forestry major. Each scholarship is for one academic year. Prior recipients may be considered for this scholarship during subsequent years.

Lynn Dent Boykin Youth Wildlife Endowment for Scholarships

The Boykin Scholarship, funded through the Alabama Conservation and Natural Resources Foundation, was established in honor of Lynn Dent Boykin in 2002. Boykin served as the first female to be elected as President of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Governor Don Siegelman made the following comment of Boykin at the conclusion of the first Governor’s One Shot Turkey Hunt in 2002: “Lynn dedicated her life to promoting conservation and providing people everywhere with a better understanding of God’s gifts of nature.”

Frank W. Boykin/Tensaw Land & Timber Endowed Scholarship in Forestry and Wildlife

The Boykin/Tensaw Scholarship was created in 1985 by Tensaw Land and Timber Company to honor the late Frank W. Boykin, a native of Washington County, Ala., who owned timberland. A U.S. Congressman, Boykin served in the U. S. House of Representatives for nearly three decades and facilitated many positive improvements for Mobile and rural southwest Alabama.

Richard W. Brinker Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Dick Brinker came to Auburn University in 1988 with a joint appointment in teaching and extension. He was at Auburn for 23 years, with 13 of those years serving as the Dean of the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. Among the many accomplishments during his tenure, he oversaw the joining of the forestry and wildlife programs and the construction of the Forestry and Wildlife Building on Duncan Drive. This endowment was established by Dr. Brinker and his wife and Suzanne Brinker for the purpose of providing funds for excellence in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.  

Burgin Companies’ Endowed Scholarship in Forestry

The Burgin Scholarship in Forestry was established in 1996 by the company\’s president, Robert Burgin III. Forestry has been the backbone of the Burgin family for more than 100 years. The Burgin Companies feel that supporting the education of today\’s students ensures the quality and capability of tomorrow\’s forestry professionals.

Christen, DeBrunner, Posey, Raper Endowed Scholarship in Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

This scholarship was endowed by forestry alumni and friends in memory of four esteemed former faculty: Professor Harold Christen, Dr. Earl DeBrunner, Dr. Henry Posey and Professor Charles Raper. Professor “Chris” was said to be a gentle, hard-driving, hard-living, hard-sweating, devout Christian. He never asked students to do anything he could not do better himself and that he knew they could not do. Christen served Auburn from 1946-1976. Earl DeBrunner, a 34-year veteran of the School of Forestry, was coordinator of student services for more than 10years while continuing to teach classes in forest fire control and use, wildland recreation philosophy and policy, and forest recreation planning and management. Henry Posey was a member of the forestry faculty from 1950-1978. He is best remembered for his work with the forestry students as their academic advisor and personal confidante. Charles F. Raper, the George W. Peake Professor of Forestry, came to Auburn after earning a law degree and having a successful career with Travelers Insurance. He began at Auburn in 1988 as the first Peake Professor teaching forest policy. Charlie wanted to bring his many years of forest finance experience to the classroom. He reveled in being with the students, and they loved him.

Charles and Thelma Chapman Dixon Annual Scholarship in Forestry

The Dixon Scholarships were created in 1980 by Thelma Dixon in memory of her husband, Charles Dixon of Andalusia, Ala. In 2006, The Thelma Dixon Foundation chose to revise the agreement to recognize Thelma and the contributions she made to the forest industry. Charles and Thelma Dixon formed the Charles Dixon Lumber Company in 1931 as a timber, cattle, and farming operation and remained partners in the company for 45 years. Both Charles and Thelma were leaders in the southern plywood and lumber industries.

Harry V. Dunn, Jr. and Erin S. Dunn Endowed Fund for Excellence

This endowment was established by Harry V. Dunn, Jr. and Erin S. Dunn for the purpose of providing funds for excellence in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. Mr. Dunn was a graduate of the Auburn University Forestry Department, Class of 1952. He enjoyed a successful career with Gulf States Paper Company, now known as Westervelt. In devotion to Auburn, he and his wife chose to endow funds which will provide scholarships for students in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.

Art & Ellen Dyas Endowed Scholarship in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

This permanent endowment was established by Arthur and Ellen Dyas for the purpose of providing scholarships for students in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. Art graduated from Auburn School of Forestry in 1973 and continued his education at Auburn with a Master’s in Business Administration in 1975. Dyas began his working career with International Paper Co. before joining the Trust Natural Resources Department of AmSouth Bank in Mobile, Alabama. He started his forestry consulting firm, S. E. Natural Resources, Inc. in 1985. Ellen Dyas graduated from Auburn University in 1973 with a degree in sociology. Her post graduate work in Social Work was completed at Florida State in 1977. Ms. Dyas has been employed at Bradford Health Services for 31 years and is currently the regional marketer.  To be eligible for consideration for this scholarship a student must be enrolled in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.  Each scholarship is for 4 years, provided the recipient meets the requirements for continuation as established by the SFWS Scholarship Committee.

Pat Dye and Nancy McDonald Scholarship in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

This scholarship was created in honor of Coach Pat Dye and Dr. Nancy McDonald for their dedication to the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. Their dedication will leave a lasting impact on our students and faculty and strengthen the academic opportunities of the School. Pat Dye served from 1981 until 1992 as Auburn University’s head football coach. He built the Auburn football program into a power in the Southeastern Conference. Dr. Nancy McDonald, taught nursing at Auburn for 25 years and was an assistant dean at the nursing school.

Garden Clubs of Alabama Endowed Forestry Conservation Scholarship

Endowed by the Garden Club of Alabama, Inc., this scholarship began in 1962 with an annual award named for Adele Attaway of Montgomery. In 1978, the Garden Club of Alabama, Inc. made the scholarship permanent by creating an endowment. The club boasts more than 200 chapters in the state.

Mamie L. Hardy Memorial Endowment for Scholarships

This scholarship was created by an estate gift to the Auburn University Foundation for the benefit of the Department of Music, The Auburn University Libraries, the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, and University Scholarships.

Howard B. Harmon Endowed Scholarship

The Howard B. Harmon Scholarship was created in memory of Mr. Harmon by his granddaughter Lynne Schwarzauer and her husband Jerry.   Howard Banks Harmon Sr. was born in Gainesville, Georgia on June 14th, 1893.   He served in World War I from 1917-1919 and married his sweetheart, Margaret Fredonia Field in 1920.   They had two children Margaret H. Weldon and Howard B. Harmon, Jr.  Mr. Harmon attended the University of Georgia.   He was employed by Retail Credit Company, now known as Equifax, located in Atlanta, Georgia, where he served in the role as Vice President until his death on January 7th, 1964.  Several of Mr. Harmon’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren have attended Auburn University.

Margaret Atchison Hathaway Endowed Scholarship in Non-Game Wildlife Management

Margaret Atchison Hathaway was born in Alabama in 1917 to Hester Wear Atchison (College of Education endowed scholarship) and Rose Eugene Atchison (School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences endowed scholarship). Having a father and grandfather who both were lumbermen and land owners, Margaret developed an early love of nature. Margaret’s passions were feeding and watching birds, working in her garden and watching Auburn football. Her daughter, Kay Hathaway Jones, established this scholarship in 2008. Kay says that her mother will be remembered for her honesty, her exceptional memory and her love of life.

Edward A. Hauss Endowed Scholarship in Forestry

Edward A. Hauss of Brewton, Ala., created an endowment prior to his death in 1955 to assist forestry students. The late Susan Phillips, great-granddaughter of Hauss said, “He was a true Southern gentleman who grew up in the lumber business and liked to go turkey hunting and fishing.” Due to the generosity of Edward A. Hauss in 1955, the endowment has now grown to more than $1 million.

Walker Herring Taylor Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded in conjunction with the Spirit of Auburn program, in memory of Walker Herring Taylor. Taylor was born in Henderson, N.C., but spent most of his life in Charlotte, N.C., before attending Auburn University. He died while still a student, kayaking on the Tallapoosa River in Tallassee, Ala. On May 14, 2010, Auburn University awarded a posthumous degree from the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences to Walker’s family. In establishing this scholarship, his classmates and family hope to provide the same rich experience that Walker enjoyed while a student of forestry at Auburn.

W. Earl Hughes Annual Memorial Scholarship in Forestry        

This scholarship was created by Jeff Bentley, a 1984 graduate of our program, in honor of his late uncle, W. Earl Hughes. Bentley feels a great indebtedness to his uncle for his contributions in paying Bentley’s college expenses. He wishes to repay this kindness by assisting other worthy students in a similar way.

Steve Jackson Annual Memorial Scholarship in Forestry and Wildlife

The Jackson scholarships were created in 1979 by Coy Jackson, father of the late Steve Jackson. Jackson resided in Andalusia, Ala. The scope of the scholarship was broadened in 2002 allowing wildlife students to also be eligible for this award.

“Choppy” Bruce Johnson Annual Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2012 in memory of “Choppy” Bruce Johnson, a native of Ozark, AL, and a 1965 graduate of Auburn University. Choppy was employed by the Alabama Forestry Commission for his entire career and enjoyed hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. This scholarship was created in his honor by his sister, Alice J. Mallory, because of the great love and respect he had for forestry and wildlife.

Stella Jones Annual Scholarship

Stella-Jones has partnered with the SFWS to reward a deserving student majoring in forestry or forest engineering.  Stella-Jones is a leading North American manufacturer of pressure treated wood products.  With a long history and a reputation anchored by the security of supply that it offers, the Company serves many of North America’s largest railroads, telecom providers, and electrical transmission utilities. Stella-Jones also provides a range of ancillary services to its railway customers, and produces treated wood for the residential and industrial marketplaces.

Tom Kelly Endowed Scholarship in Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

Born on May 15, 1927, Tom Kelly graduated from the School of Forestry at Auburn in 1949. After serving his country as as colonel in the Army, Kelly enjoyed a successful and long tenure with Scott Paper Company in Mobile, Alabama from 1953-1993. Because of his skillful leadership and effective management style, Kelly left an indelible impression on countless individuals. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of his graduation from Auburn University, Tom’s friends and colleagues created the Tom Kelly Endowed Scholarship in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences to celebrate his contribution to the forest industry and commitment to Alabama’s forest economy.

Barnett Lawley Annual Scholarship in Forestry and Wildlife

The Barnett Lawley Annual Scholarship in Forestry and Wildlife was created in 2011 by H. Cannon Lawley, Barnett’s son, to honor his dad. Barnett Lawley, a lifelong resident of Pell City, is a retired business owner who has distinguished himself as a leader in conservation-related activities and in service to his community. He most recently served as Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources from 2003 to 2011. On Jan. 16, 2011, Lawley was appointed to the Alabama State Oil and Gas Board. A prominent civic leader, he has served his community in numerous capacities to include Pell City Councilman and in major leadership roles in organizations such as the Pell City Chamber of Commerce, Pell City Industrial Board, Pell City Retail Development Board, St. Clair County Airport Authority, as well as in local service clubs.

Charles G. Lawson Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Forestry and Wildlife

This endowment was established by Ms. Pennie Lawson Smith in memory of her father, Charles G. Lawson.  Mr. Charles G. Lawson founded Lawson Trucking Company in 1972, and the company received the Service Excellence Award in 1995.  Mr. Lawson was admired by his family, peers and business associates, as well as colleagues around the globe.  He valued education and dearly loved his two grandchildren, who attended Auburn University.  Mr. Lawson’s legacy will live on through the Charles G. Lawson Memorial Endowed Scholarship at Auburn University, funded in order to help a deserving student attend Auburn University and become a lifelong member of the Auburn Family.

Charles G Lawson Endowed Scholarship for Wildlife

The Charles G. Lawson Scholarship was established by Pennie Lawson Smith and her family in memory of her father, Charles G. Lawson. Lawson founded Lawson Trucking Company in 1972 with one tractor-trailer and the work ethic and desire to provide outstanding customer service. The success of Lawson Trucking Company was due to the dedication of Lawson, who passed away in 2011 from leukemia. “Charlie” was admired by his family, peers, and business associates, as well as colleagues around the globe. He valued education and dearly loved his two grandchildren, who are currently attending Auburn. Lawson’s legacy will live on through the Charles G. Lawson Memorial Endowed Scholarship at Auburn University.

Robert E. (Bob) Lee, III Scholarship in Forestry and Wildlife Management

This scholarship was created in memory of Robert E. (Bob) Lee. Bob was a native of North Carolina. He received a Master of Forestry degree from Duke University and was a career employee of Union Camp Corporation.  After various forestry assignments with Union Camp, he came to Alabama in 1974 as Woodlands Manager for the company’s operations in Prattville.  In addition to his corporate responsibilities, he was involved in a number of professional and civic activities.  One activity he was particularly proud of was his involvement with the State’s forestry community and Auburn University in elevating Auburn’s forestry program from department to school status.  As President of the Alabama Forestry Association in 1982, he made this activity a focus of his tenure.  To commemorate Bob’s commitment to this effort, a number of the School’s alumni and friends established this scholarship in his memory.

Melba R. Littrell Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Forestry

This scholarship was created by a bequest of Melba R. Littrell in 2000. The Littrell family continues to own a sawmill in Decatur, Ala. Mrs. Littrell was an integral component of Littrell Lumber.

Lowery Pulpwood, Inc/James R. Lowery Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Forestry

James Lowery moved his family to rural Alabama in the 1960s. With no prior experience, he began a small pulpwood operation with one used short wood truck and one chain saw. With much perseverance and determination, he was able to gradually enlarge his business, finding it necessary to incorporate in 1984.Although he became a successful businessman, he was a low-key individual devoted to his family and referred to by his peers as hard working, honest and a “salt of the earth” type person. For these reasons, Lowery’s widow, Frances Lowery, chose to honor her husband’s memory by creating this scholarship.

Dwain G. Luce Family Endowed Scholarship in Forestry

This scholarship was endowed by the Dwain G. Luce family of Mobile, Ala., in 1996. Mr. Luce, a 1938 API chemical engineering graduate, worked in his chosen field until World War II began. After serving his country in the Army, Luce, a Normandy Veteran, began work with a bank as a loan officer specializing in timberland purchases. Luce, a private landowner, decided to purchase and manage timberland as an investment upon retirement. His granddaughter, Sarah Luce Watkins, graduated with a Master of Forestry degree from our School in 1999 and helps manage the family land.

Dan Moultrie Endowed Scholarship

Dan Moultrie, a Birmingham native, graduated from Auburn University in 1979 with a degree in business administration. Dan has deep roots within the hunting and wildlife industry as the founder of Moultrie feeders and game cameras, the number one selling brand of game feeders and cameras in the United States. Dan serves on various boards and committees throughout Alabama and the nation, including the State of Alabama Conservation and Natural Resources Foundation and most notably the State of Alabama Department of Conservation Advisory Board, where he has served as chairman since 2003.

Natural Resources Annual Scholarship

The Natural Resources Management major was established in the SFWS in 2012.   This major allows students to specialize in a wide range of topics spanning ecological, social and physical aspects of wildland ecosystems.   Because students gain broad natural resources knowledge they are able to create sustainable solutions at local, national and global scales.   This scholarship was established by Richard Hall ’95 in 2015 to reward an outstanding student who has chosen to pursue their major in this field.

Nichols Family Endowed Scholarship in Forestry               

To honor his passion for forestry and to give back to his alma mater, Ken Nichols established a scholarship for forestry students in 1997. After gaining experience at forest products corporations such as Buckeye and MacMillan Bloedel in the United Sates and Canada, Nichols joined Champion International in 1972 where he rose to Vice-Chairman and Executive Officer during his 28-year tenure. Ken and his wife, Joanna, retired back to his home place near Selma in2001.

Henry and Elizabeth Posey Endowed Scholarship in Forestry and Wildlife

Dr. Henry Posey was a well-respected faculty member who served as a professor of forestry from 1950-1978. He is remembered mostly for his work with students. In addition to being the academic advisor and personal confidante to most of the students who graduated in forestry during his tenure, Professor Posey also served as faculty advisor to the local chapter of Xi Sigma Pi, the national forestry honorary. Professor Posey served as National Forester (president) of Xi Sigma Pi from 1964-1966. Professor Posey and his wife, Elizabeth, remembered the students in their estate plans by endowing this scholarship.

Lt. Harry Prince, United States ARMY, Memorial Endowed Scholarship in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

In memory of Harry Gordon Prince, Jr. this permanent endowment is established by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Fell, Mr. Elmo Ziebach, and other alumni and friends for the purpose of providing scholarships for veterans. Harry Gordon Prince, Jr. graduated with a degree in Forestry in 1969. Upon graduation from Auburn, Harry was commissioned as an Officer in the United States Army through participation in Advanced Army ROTC. He also served on the Auburn Rifle Team. Harry was a serious student and an obvious credit to his parents. First Lieutenant Prince served as Commander of a Combat Engineering Unit being assigned to the 59th Land Clearing Company, 59TH ENG CO, 39TH ENG BN, 45TH ENG GROUP, 18 ENG BDE, USARV ENG CMD, USARV in Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam. He was wounded in Vietnam and passed away on March 14, 1971, as a result of his injuries. To be eligible a student must be enrolled in School of forestry and Wildlife Sciences, preference for junior and senior, incoming freshmen not to be considered. Recipient must also be a veteran, with second preference for student currently in ROTC at Auburn, or third preference being recipient is the child of a military veteran.

Resource Management Service Annual Scholarship

In order to increase the level of diversity in the forest industry, Resource Management Service has created this scholarship to alleviate the financial burden of pursuing a college education. In 1950, John M. Bradley, a young Yale University graduate, partnered with Harry E. Murphy, a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, to create Resource Management Service. From its beginnings as a consulting firm to private landowners, RMS capitalized on changing industry dynamics and proved itself as an important timberland management and acquisitions firm. By advancing the state of the art in timberland investment management, RMS has grown into an accomplished global firm with assets under management on four continents-North and South America, Asia, and Oceania-while remaining a private, employee-owned company.

James W. Richardson Endowed Scholarship in Forestry 

Jim Richardson was born in Banks, Ala. on August 9, 1919. He was called into active service in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Upon discharge from the Navy, Jim enrolled in the new forestry school at Auburn University and graduated in 1949. Jim was married to Irene and was father to James Edward and Sarah Anne. He was a rare individual who took pride in his job, his family and his community. To honor him, the wood dealers created this scholarship to acknowledge their trust and friendship with Jim upon his retirement at Great Southern Paper Company in 1984.

Rooke Family Scholarship in Forestry     

The Rooke Family Scholarship in Forestry was created in 2007 by Ben M. Rooke, Jr. and Diane Rooke of Albertville, AL to honor their Rooke family name.  Rooke graduates of Auburn University include:  Ben M. Rooke, Jr. ‘65/Forestry Management, Angelia Rooke Michell ’96/Management Information, Ben M. Rooke III ‘92/Building Science, Matthew G. Rooke ‘08/Exercise Science, Kenny A. Rooke ‘70/Aerospace Engineering and Sharon Henderson Rooke ‘69/General Education, and Robert Warren Rooke ’63/Chemistry.

Russell Lands Annual Scholarship in Forestry      

Russell Lands of Alexander City created an annual award for forestry students in 1983. Because Russell Lands believes in giving back to the community, the company has provided scholarship funds for the School’s forestry students. Russell Lands owns more than 44,000 acres near Lake Martin.

William F. Sahlie Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Forestry 

The Sahlie children established this scholarship in memory of their dad, William Finley Sahlie. Although Sahlie graduated from the University of Florida, he became involved with Auburn’s School of Forestry after his career led him to settle in Wetumpka. It was there that he began Bama Wood in 1963. Sahlie also started Saco Wood and Southern Trucking Company, both based in Prattville. He sold all three businesses in the early 1990s. Sahlie had high expectations for the School and was instrumental in seeing that the program received designation as a “school” in 1984. His involvement led to his appointment as Chairman of the School’s Advisory Council.

Emmett F. Thompson Endowed Scholarship in Forestry

This scholarship/fellowship was created in 1998 by a gift from Harry E. Murphy to honor Emmett F. Thompson on his retirement from Auburn University. The original endowment has been increased by additional gifts from Dr. and Mrs. Thompson and from others. Thompson came to Auburn in 1977 as head of the Department of Forestry in the School of Agriculture. In 1984, he was instrumental in the establishment of a separate School of Forestry. He served as the first dean of the newly created school until his retirement in 1998.  Thompson was elected a fellow in the Society of American Foresters in 1984, inducted into the Alabama Foresters’ Hall of Fame in 1994, and named a distinguished alumnus by the Oklahoma State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources in 1999.

Thompson Family Scholarship

This endowed scholarship, which is in conjunction with the Spirit of Auburn scholarship program, was established by Emmett and ViAnn Thompson to honor their family and to encourage students to consider forestry as a field of study and as a career choice. During his tenure at Auburn, Dr. Thompson was involved in establishing the University’s Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center, as well as, the elevation of forestry from departmental to school status.

Robert Tufts Endowed Scholarship in Forestry and Wildlife          

The Tufts Scholarship was endowed by an anonymous donor to honor Robert Tufts and his years of service to the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. Tufts began his career at Auburn in 1979. His teaching appointment includes classes in estate planning, environmental law, real property law, forest surveying, taxation of timber and other natural resources. He received a Juris Doctorate Degree in 1996 and completed a Master of Laws in summer 2005 from the University of Alabama.

Noll A. Van Cleave Endowed Scholarship in Forestry

This scholarship was created in 1990 by the late Noll Allen Van Cleave of Columbus, Ga. Van Cleave, a 1950 forestry graduate, was a well-respected wood dealer and a member of the School’s Advisory Council. Van Cleave received the School of Forestry Outstanding Alumnus Award in 1986. Noll A. Van Cleave is remembered as a highly resourceful businessman with wide-ranging interests and a broad circle of friends from all walks of life. His abiding creed was, \”you can do anything if you stick with it.” These words are as much a testament to the present generation of forestry students as it was to the forestry graduate of 1950.

L. M. and Mary Ware Endowed Scholarship in Forestry

This scholarship is supported by an endowment from the L.M. and Mary Hall Ware Trust Fund. Dr. Ware, the university’s leading horticulturist for many years, is credited as the father of forestry at Auburn. Under his leadership, the joint Department of Horticulture/Forestry was created in 1946.

Watters Family Endowed Scholarship in Forestry        

This scholarship was created by Julian Watters of Butler, Ala., in 1980. Watters, a graduate of the University of Alabama and a member of Sigma Nu social fraternity, supported Auburn because he believed in forestry education. Watters’ vast timberland holdings compelled him to ensure that strong students would continue to be educated to assist landowners with the management of their timberland.

James M. Wells, Sr. Endowed  Memorial Scholarship in Forestry

James Marcus Wells was born Feb. 29, 1896, in Bostic, N.C. Wells worked in the forest industry with Lattimore Lumber Company and Doggett Lumber Company, both in North Carolina, before owning his own company, J.M. Wells Lumber Company in Columbus, Ga. Although times were difficult during the Great Depression, Wells valued education and made certain that his children received a college education. For this reason, his daughters, Juanita Wells Hearnand Sharleen Formby Rhoads, created this scholarship in their dad’s memory in 1977.

Westrock Annual Scholarship

The WestRock scholarship was created in 2014 to recognize a deserving student majoring in forest engineering or forest management. Anchored in thoughtful actions and values, WestRock continues to make an ongoing, positive difference in the communities in which its employees live, work, and play. Through partnering with local organizations, WestRock is helping to drive growth and quality of life; investing in future generations through educational giving; and doing its part for the environment to advance the knowledge and conservation of nature.

Summer Practicum Scholarships

Summer Practicum Endowed Scholarship in Forestry

The Summer Practicum Stipend was created in 1996 by John R. Goodloe III in order to ensure that tomorrow\’s promising forestry professionals have the opportunity to pursue their dreams by completing their forestry degree.

James R. Taylor Endowed Practicum Scholarship in Forestry

This award was established by Richard and Millicent Teugh to honor James R. Taylor. Taylor, a 1963 forestry graduate, retired in 2000 from the Georgia-Pacific Corporation as the Vice President of the chemical division. He lives in Lula, Ga. with his wife, Ruth.