Wildlife Ecology & Managment


Wildlife Pre-Vet Concentration

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Wildlife Ecology & Management

Whether it be working with endangered species, with farmers to help mitigate agricultural depredation by wildlife, or with the CDC to understand the role of wildlife populations as carriers of disease, the Wildlife Ecology and Management degree program provides a broad biological education that is specifically designed to meet the needs of students interested in careers involving wildlife ecology, management, and conservation.

During their four years at Auburn, students are exposed to field experiences through outdoor labs and work opportunities.  For a hands-on introduction to field work, students in the wildlife program spend a portion of the summer between their third and fourth years at our summer practicum program where they have the opportunity to work hands-on with a number of wildlife species that have included white-tailed deer, wild pigs, southern flying squirrels and other small mammals, as well as reptiles and amphibians.

Wildlife Sciences Pre-Vet Medicine

The Wildlife Science Pre-Vet program exposes students to the basic principles of wildlife management while at the same time preparing them for veterinary school either at Auburn University or other schools.  Students who have an interest in the outdoors and free ranging wildlife populations may find this major especially useful, as they gain the necessary understanding of wildlife ecology, management, and conservation to be effective wildlife veterinarians. However, many of our Wildlife Pre-Vet graduates choose this major because it effectively prepares them for veterinary school while satisfying their wildlife interests.  The minimum requirements for admission to the CVM are incorporated in the first three years in the Wildlife Sciences, Pre-Veterinary Medicine Concentration, thus allowing students to be eligible for and apply to Vet School after only three years at Auburn University.

(Acceptance into the Vet School at Auburn University is highly competitive and based on satisfactory completion of prerequisites and experience.)